McGraw-Hill is excited to announce the publication of Stephen A. Ross, Mentor: Influence through Generations, which honors the contributions made by Steve Ross to the finance discipline and how his influence extends well beyond his writings.

In this volume, students whose careers and thinking were particularly influenced by Steve Ross have chosen to dedicate a prominently published article of their own to his mentorship. In addition to the reprinted articles, each student has written a short piece about their experience with Steve Ross as a mentor. These essays are unique in their ability to shed light on what good research is and how to motivate students to produce it.

Twenty-seven contributors, including editor Mark Grinblatt, participated in putting this book together. The table of contents is below.

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We are offering this book complimentary to professors and students to perpetuate Steve Ross' influence and mentorship to the next generation of students.

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This book was published for an event held to honor Steve Ross. As part of this celebration, the Stephen A. Ross Prize in Financial Economics was created.
The University of Pennsylvania Generation
Article 1: Stephen F. LeRoy
The Present-Value Relation: Tests Based on Implied Variance Bounds
by Stephen F. LeRoy and Richard D. Porter   

Article 2: Thomas E. Copeland
Information Effects on the Bid-Ask Spread
by Thomas E. Copeland and Dan Galai     

Article 3: David J. Teece
Vertical Integration and Risk Reduction
by Constance E. Helfat and David J. Teece  

Article 4: Laurence J. Kotlikoff
On the General Relativity of Fiscal Language
by Jerry Green and Laurence J. Kotlikoff        

Article 5: Laurence Weiss
Borrowing Constraints and Aggregate Economic Activity
by Jose A. Scheinkman and Laurence Weiss       

Article 6: Nancy Stokey
Information, Trade and Common Knowledge
by Paul Milgrom and Nancy Stokey

Article 7: Raymond Chiang
Imperfect Price Discrimination and Welfare
by Raymond Chiang and Chester S. Spatt  

Article 8: Chester S. Spatt
Optimal Asset Location and Allocation with Taxable and Tax-Deferred Investing
by Robert M. Dammon, Chester S. Spatt, and Harold H. Zhang

The Yale University Generation  
Article 9: Philip H. Dybvig
Inefficient Dynamic Portfolio Strategies or How to Throw Away a Million Dollars in the Stock Market

by Philip H. Dybvig

Article 10: Douglas W. Diamond
Financial Intermediation and Delegated Monitoring
by Douglas W. Diamond   

Article 11: Gur Huberman

A Simple Approach to Arbitrage Pricing Theory

by Gur Huberman   

Article 12: Gregory Connor

A Unified Beta Pricing Theory
by Gregory Connor               

Article 13: Mark Grinblatt
Portfolio Performance Evaluation: Old Issues and New Insights
by Mark Grinblatt and Sheridan Titman

Article 14: Paul Pfleiderer
Direct and Indirect Sale of Information
by Anat R. Admati and Paul Pfleiderer

    Article 15: Anat R. Admati
A Theory of Intraday Patterns: Volume and Price Variability
by Anat R. Admati and Paul Pfleiderer
Article 16: Shmuel Kandel

Mean-Variance Spanning
by Gur Huberman and Shmuel Kandel 
Article 17: John Y. Campbell
Intertemporal Asset Pricing without Consumption Data
by John Y. Campbell

Article 18: Jonathan Tiemann

Exact Arbitrage Pricing and the Minimum-Variance Frontier
by Jonathan Tiemann

Article 19: Yasushi Hamao
Correlation in Price Changes and Volatility across International Stock Markets
by Yasushi Hamao, Ronald W. Masulis and
Victor Ng

Article 20: Anant K. Sundaram
An Empirical Analysis of Strategic Competition and Firm Values: The Case of R&D Competition
by Anant K. Sundaram, Teresa A. John, and
Kose John

Article 21: Jaime F. Zender
Capital Structure and Dividend Irrelevance with Asymmetric Information
by Philip H. Dybvig and Jaime F. Zender

Article 22: Jonathan B. Berk
A Critique of Size-Related Anomalies
by Jonathan B. Berk   

Article 23: Zhiwu Chen
The Spirit of Capitalism and Stock-Market Prices
by Gurdip S. Bakshi and Zhiwu Chen

Article 24: William N. Goetzmann
Global Stock Markets in the Twentieth Century
by Philipe Jorion and William N. Goetzmann     

Article 25: Torben G. Andersen
Heterogeneous Information Arrivals and Return Volatility Dynamics: Uncovering the Long-Run in High Frequency Returns
by Torben G. Andersen and Tim Bollerslev

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Generation    
Article 26: Leonid Kogan
Equilibrium Cross Section of Returns
by Joao Gomes, Leonid Kogan, and Lu Zhang

Article 27: Jennifer Huang
Participation Costs and Sensitivity of Fund Flows to Past Performance
by Jennifer Huang, Kelsey D. Wei, and Hong Yan